Winston Salem Moonwalk Rentals

Welcome to A Higher Bounce’s website. Most information can be found on our website regarding photos of our equipment, pricing, set up dimensions, age, height, and weight requirements, plus recommended ages for each unit.

Once you decide what you would like to rent, you will need to check for availability of the units you wish to rent. You can click the “Event Quote” icon at the top or right hand side of the website to submit an Event Quote, or email us at or you can call 336-399-5445 for availability.

To secure the rental you will need to click on the “Rental Contract” links, on the left or right hand side of the website. If you have a PDF form filler, you can fill the rental contract out completely and email it to If not, you will need to print off the rental contract, fill it out completely, and either fax it to 336-922-0781 or scan it into your computer and email it to Any rental contracts not filled out completely (ex: missing credit card info, event time, unit requested, page three not signed) are not valid contracts and will not go into queue until rental contract is completed. Rental contracts are taken on a first come first serve basis.

Cam Scanner is a great app for smart phones to take a picture of the rental contract and fax it to us.

New Delivery Fee Chart
0-20 Miles—Free                    61-65 Miles--$132
21-25 Miles-- $12                   66-70 Miles--$152
26-30 Miles--$24                    71-75 Miles--$172
31-35 Miles--$36                    76-80 Miles--$192
36-40 Miles--$48                    81-85 Miles--$212
41-45 Miles--$60                    86-90 Miles--$232
46-50 Miles--$72                    91-95 Miles--$252
51-55 Miles--$92                    96-100 Miles-- $272
56-60 Miles--$112                  101-105 Miles--$292