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How to Make a Rental with AHB

1. Welcome to A Higher Bounce's website. We are Winston Salem’s, Greensboro, High Point’s and the surrounding Piedmont Triad’s, leading safe provider of affordable party rentals such as bounce houses, water slides, concessions, carnival games, dunk tanks, rock walls, and outdoor movie screens. Please look around and see what you would like to rent. There are pictures, descriptions, set-up dimensions, power requirements, and suggested age ranges, for each unit on the website. If you have any questions, please call or email.

2. Once you have decided on what equipment you would like, call or email for availability, and we will check to make sure what you want is available. Or you can submit a price quote, using the “Request a Price Quote” button, and we can give you the price quote and availability. Either way once you have made your decision, please fill out the rental contract, then email or fax it to A Higher Bounce. Fax number is at the top of the front page of the rental contract.

3. Once we receive the rental contract, A Higher Bounce will email or call to confirm the rental date, time and equipment, and send the final estimate with the required 25% deposit amount.

4. After the contract and deposit are taken care of, A Higher Bounce will usually contact you two business days before the event date to get any remaining balance due paid, confirm delivery time, and give any further instructions for the delivery.

5. Make sure driveway, walkway and set-up area are cleared for AHB to deliver. Sticks, pet feces, acorns, leaves, pine cones, and toys need to be removed from set-up area. Have hose ran to set-up area if water unit.

Delivery is a set charge based on the distance between AHB's warehouse and the Clients event address. Fuel Surcharge is a fluctuating charge that can go up or down weekly. We set the fuel surcharge charge each Thursday, before the coming weekend. Fuel surcharge may have changed, since Client received estimate. Charts below can help explain how delivery charges and fuel surcharge work.


Fuel Surcharge Chart

3.25 - 3.50 = $5.00
3.51 - 3.75 = $10.00
3.76 - 4.00 = $15.00
4.01 - 4.25 = $20.00
4.26 - 4.50 = $25.00
4.51 - 4.75 = $30.00
4.76 - 5.00 = $35.00

Delivery Chart

0-20 FREE
21 - 25 $10
26 - 30 $20
31 - 35 $30
36 - 40 $40
41 - 45 $50
46 - 50 $60
51- -55 $75
56 - 60 $90


61 - 65 $105
66 - 70 $120
71 - 75 $135
76 - 80 $150
81 - 85 $165
86 - 90 $180
91 - 95 $205
96 - 100 $220

What is Safety?

I will tell you what my intellectual idea of safety is regarding our company. After 10 years in the party rental business and 15 in LTL trucking, I have come to recognize that the most important element to safety, is to identify the risk or hazard before it ever becomes a risk or hazard! No matter if it is driving to delivery, set-up, training of attendants, weather conditions, or takedown of the unit, PREVENTION IS THE KEY!!! Eliminating the risk or safety hazard is the best way to prevent injuries and accidents. Will they happen, of course, we can never prevent everything, and accidents are just that, accidents. What AHB can do, is keep doing what we do best, protect the people who use our equipment. That includes background checks for potential employees, up to date training for all AHB employees and staff, and buying the SAFEST EQUIPMENT on the market. Staying current with the industry as it changes and evolves, and keeping active and educated as to local, state, and federal laws, plus industry standards and practices. What does my heart say about safety? Just as with my own children (3 of them, plus a grand baby), I could not live with myself, if your child got hurt because of my companies negligence. We strive to make each rental as safe as possible.

AHB can only do so much, the rest is up to the renter. We provide a safe set-up, training, and give you the do's and don'ts of using the piece(s) you rented, but without proper, responsible, adult supervision, it won't matter. NC requires attendants to be 18.

What to look for in an Inflatable Party Rental Company?

1. Are they Inspected and Insured in the State of NC? That is required by NC Law. If they are not, they are putting you, your event and the kids at risk!

2. Do they provide training for you, and are they trained themselves? AHB delivery drivers are SIOTO certified, and owners Blake and Margaret are also NAARSO Certified!

3. Does AHB have a great relationship with the local parks, government entities and communities we serve? Yes, we know which parks we can set up in and where. Each year when our insurance renews we send a Certificate of Insurance to each government entity we interact with, thus insuring your event will be a no hassle event!

4. Last thing to consider is price. Do you look for the cheapest pediatrician, dentist, babysitter or daycare for your child? Yes, then AHB might not be the company for you, we will never be the cheapest. Answer No, then we are the company that you want for your event. We have the safest products on the market, we have the best trained staff, and we provide the greatest possible customer service all at a fair price! Prices are on our website.


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